Patented colorcard scan system

Don’t know how all the buttons work? Just want to create with pen and paper? Our patented scan technology enables anybody to just color a colorcard, scan it inside the app and see the sprites of the game changed!


Easily Customizable

Everything in the game can be edited : all visual elements like sprites and audio elements like game audioclips and music. This can all be done inside the app!


Instant share

After creation you can instantly share your creation with somebody else : just press upload, receive your share code and share the code with anybody you would like to share it with. Not happy with it? Just delete it and nobody can download it.

Going from consumer to creator in 10 minutes

We are convinced our technology enables anybody of any age to create and modify their game.

Try our free version of our app with MySpaceShooter available now on the appstores!

Craftymodders tutorial

A Bigger Vision

At our company we strongly believe in lowering the barrier for people of all ages to be able to create things in this highly digitalised world.
That is the main reason why the scanner in our apps enables users that know how to operate the most basic creational tool that exists in our world : pen and paper.
We firmly believe this software is showing young kids how easy it is to create things in the digital realm and even make them enthousiastic for a career in these areas.


All games have adjustable themes, use them for inspiration or simply when you feel lazy and want fast results. Currently we have themes Christmas, Underwater, Halloween, Candy and Space


Fully configurable

All our apps are completely configurable : everything you hear and see is adjustable. The best feature is the sharing feature , simply share your game with a simple code.


Within the app you can choose to change your graphics and sounds with special effects! Our personal favorite for sprites is the Ghost effect.